Press Release

Interviewer- I am here with Kim Padilla who has climbed quickly in the multi level marketing  skin care industry. Thank you for having me in your beautiful home.

Kim– It’s a pleasure to have you! We love having guests and feel blessed to be able to share our home with others

Interviewer-I saw deer I  your yard as I drove up today

Kim– (Laughing)Yes they come often to visit us. I love having my coffee watching them in the morning. Usually the deer also have their babies with them in the early morning.

Interviewer- I’m excited for you to tell me, how did you decide to get into the skin care marketing?

Kim -Well, I was almost 60 years  old and was not looking forward to” The Big 6-0″. I knew that I wanted more in my life than going to work, coming home, sitting watching TV day after day . I was starting to get wrinkles and didn’t want to look old when I felt young!

Interviewer– You differently don’t look old now!

Kim– (Laughing) Thank you but I am 65 years old although age is just a number. It is from this amazing poduct literally turning back the hands of time!

 I was given the opportunity  to become a Rodan+Fields consultant in 2015. I also was given the opportunity to become part of the MKMMA. I had such faith in the Mkmma system and the skin care regimen  of Rodan+Fields, that I knew  it was a win-win situation . 

Interviewer– What is mkmma?

Kim– Master Key Master Mind Alliance. It showed me that I could control  my thoughts  and accomplish  what I willed to be. It gave me the tools I needed to let go of old habits and make new good habits. Along with the training I received from Rodan and Fields, I was able to make the best use of my time and grow my business.

Interviewer– So, once you became a consultant what transpired?

Kim– I started building my team and sales little by little. People began calling me wanting to know more about this skin care. It practically sold itself due to the quality . By implementing  the tools I learned in MKMMA and that Rodan+Fields provided, I quickly was making thousands per month.

Interviewer– I hear that your  team loves to work with you

Kim– I am the one that is blessed to work with them! Each and every one of them is like family to me. We try to have a get together here at the house as often as we can just to fellowship together. My husband and I cook  for them and they can just have a relaxing evening full of laughter.

Interviewer– Sounds as if you  enjoy your team

Kim– Yes very much! I love encouraging them and helping each one in there business and to be the best that they can be.

Interviewer– I heard that you recently were acknowledged for being a top earner. What was that like?

Kim– Yes, it was wonderful! The feeling was of immense joy when I walked across that stage with the crowd clapping and members of my team were standing up cheering me on! I even treated myself beforehand to a beautiful red full length gown to wear because my team are called The Red Hot Wonders.

Interviewer-  What does your family think about all this?

Kim– They are excited for me and themselves! This business has allowed me to have more time to spend with them and my grandsons. They all love to come to our house and enjoy family time together. That is why we built this house. So that there is lots of room for all the family.

Interviewer- So, I imagine with all the excitment of your award you are ready for some relaxation?

Kim– Well, I love my job and it doesn’t feel like work at all but we do try to get away every so often to spend some quiet time togerher. In fact we are going next week to the coast. I love being put to sleep by the sound of the waves.

Interviewer– Well thank you for your time and we will talk again soon.


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