Week 5

Well, we have all made it to week 5! Yay!

I missed the digital connection call on Monday because I had to work late. I feel so out of the loop now! I got in the habit of coming straight home and watching. Even though I have used technology at work, I have never used blogging, twitter ect. The only thing I have used is facebook and even that is having some challenges now! HaHa!

I finished my press release, posted it, but I cannot see it. I have posted in the Alliance about it so hopefully it will be okay. I would hate to flunk out because of a posting error.

I hope everyone is doing well. I FINALLY am seeing shapes! I was getting a little discouraged that I didnt think to look for them unless I was looking at a paper that they were on.

I am noticing a kinder, gentler me at work. It feels good to bless my co-workers in whatever way I can. In turns out that by blessing them, it is blessing me ūüôā


Master Key Week 4

I am not sure what I want to blog about this week. I have been reading a lot of others blogs and the are so GOOD!

I liked that this weeks Keys talked about the “I”. This was something I could relate to. My PPN is Spiritual Growth and I identify the “I” as the Holy Spirit that dwells within me. I just need to listen to it!

I have found this class to be very challenging and I am continuously readjusting the old tapes. Earlier tonight I was in tears and close to quitting because of a technology issue. I told myself that I am NOT a quitter! Shortly after that, the problem I was having corrected itself. So here I am. One step at a time….

Have a good night everyone. I love reading all your awesome blogs! 

Week 3

It is week 3 and it has been a roller coaster. I realized that last weeks blog ended on a bad note. I got to missing family when that isn’t what this process is about!

This week I worked more on my DMP. It just wasn’t feeling like me. I finally sat down and visualized what I expected my future day to look like… From the time I got up in the morning, till I went to bed at night. That really helped me a lot to work from that direction. It was awesome because I SAW my day! I still need to work on refining it but it feels like me. I get some very strange looks as I read it out loud walking around the atrium in my work building. I was embarrassed at first but now I don’t care. This is my life!

This week has been crazy because part of my PPN is Spirituality and I realized that I was willing to put in the hours of work for this class but wasn’t stopping to spend time with God. I had been getting up at 4 am so that I can do my reading and sit before getting ready for work. I decided to move the time to 3 am so that¬† I have some time to read my bible and sit with God before I start my MKMMA work. I feel much more at peace now but I have been extremely tired in the evening.

I have also started  a business this week from which I expect great things! Am I crazy to start a business while undertaking this class and working a full time job? Probably but I BELIEVE! Just DO IT NOW! DO IT NOW! DO IT NOW!

I am looking forward to the next class and I am also loving the Digital Connections. As you can see this is all new to me. I want the pretty background pictures up top but I haven’t a clue. I will learn how!

Have a wonderful blessed night everyone.

Master Key Week 2

Wow! My mind is bursting with information! I have been learning so much this past week.

I had two days that I had a medical issues but was still able to watch the webinars. I can not get back the two days that I didn’t get some of my work done and that is frustrating. I just have build a bridge and get over it and move on!

We have been working on our PPN (Personal Pivotal Need) this week. I thought my PPN would be Liberty and Recognition of Creativity but when I did the exercise I came up with Legacy and Spiritual Growth.

Family in Hands

I am not sure what to do with these PPN’s but I do know that my spiritual growth has always been very important to me but I have a tendency to get side tracked. I have comitted to getting up and extra 45 minutes earlier to concentrate on my spiritual growth..

I think the Legacy is about what do I want to be remembered for when I am gone. It truely is, that I want to leave a legacy of love for my children and grand children. I was blessed to have grown¬†up with parents, grandparents,¬†aunts, uncles, and cousins. We were all very close and got together for holidays, birthdays (someone was always have a birthday) and barbeques. When my grandparents passed away it seems as if the family drifted apart. We moved away and now hardly anyone sees each other anymore. Everyone is so busy with their lives that it seems as if family isn’t as important anymore. Family traditions aren’t as important anymore.

I want my children to realize the importance of family. I will always support them and love them through everything. Times change but love is eternal.

Week 1 Master Key

Today I begin a new life.

I am excited and nervous about this Great Adventure I am on.

I first heard about MKMMA a year ago when talking to a member’s wife. I had told her that I was almost 59 years old and feeling as if I still did not know God’s purpose for my life. I felt as if I did the same thing day after day. Same old habitsthat were still leaving me feeling empty.

She told me about this great adventure her husband was on and the difference it was making in their lives. I had to wait another year because by that time, the class was filled. Her husband kept in touch with me via his blogs, messages and emails. It felt so good to know that someone cared enough out there to help through this experience.

Well…. here I am. I am nervous and am constantly worried “am I doing this right?”. Right away we¬†were asked to write my DNP and that was hard because I dont know what my purpose in life is. Even this blogging is hard. I’m not a writer (although as a child I wanted to be one).

I thank God for our Guides who help us on this journey. All I can do is trust the process and take one step at a time. My sub-conscious mind has been too negative against me for too long! These negative thoughts have come from ME even when others tried to build me up. I now realize that I have to change my habits and thoughts and replace them with positive habits and thoughts.

I have already seen changes in my attitude towards myself and others and I have just started!

Today I begin a new life!