Week 7 – Love in good and bad times

This week I got a choice to “give love”. Our car was stolen on Monday from my husbands place of employment with a security camera watching. The person took approx 10 seconds to go from 50 feet away until he was driving away in our car! All caught on camera but we are not able to see the persons face. I was surprised that I did not feel any anger. I just found myself blessing the person and letting it go. I was so happy to feel the sense of calmness I felt. When discussing it later with my husband, I realized he was feeling the same also (maybe reading my Og out loud is rubbing off on him). I was feeling as if “I am finally getting the hang of this”. If I can be calm with this happening I was doing great!

Well…I got ahead of myself in feeling proud. What is the saying about pride comes before the fall?About this same time my email went out for 3 days. It was a problem on the servers part at the cable company. I found myself worrying and stressing more and more daily. How was I going to get the links to the webinar? Who was trying to contact me? I am ashamed to say I finally blew up on a poor woman that happened to call to take a random survey for my cable company. Oh my gosh! How far I fell! How could this be that I could be so calm about a major issue and come unglued over a smaller issue?

I learned from this that I will continue to work with my subby and to make the choice not to react when thngs arent going my way. I got 50% right which is more than i would have in the past.

I will work even harder to love ALL those around me.


4 thoughts on “Week 7 – Love in good and bad times

  1. Bob Watkins

    Isn’t becoming the observer a blast. Life is so rich, like dark chocolate after tasting poor quality milk chocolate… that waxy feeling on your tongue. Once you learn this stuff, like Mark says, you will always have it as a reference point of how is can be if you only operate the machinery we’ve been given, The Gift of Choice! Peace Be the Journey 🙂



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