Week 6-Getting Real

This past week was really hard and I almost quit. It is hard not to compare myself to other people that seem to have it all together. They have beautiful insightful blogs, they know how to twitter and seem to be making great progress.

Now for me…. I just finally started seeing shapes last week. I am happy that I AM seeing them now! I have been feeling emotionally and mentally drained. People at my work have noticed. I got on Sunday’s web and could barely stay awake for it. Then when we had multiple projects which took having to go shopping for stuff I went on overload.

I tried to watch the digital connections on Monday. My head was spinning to where I had to walk away. I still need to watch all the before videos and then watch Monday’s again. Hopefully it will make sense. I really want to be able to take advantage of twitter.

I have always wanted to know everything yesterday and when I dont understand I want to be able to talk it out. Having to do everything by writing questions is frustrating to me. Maybe that is all part of the learning process. I have never taken a “self-help” class before so everything is new. Plus it has been 44 years since I have been in school! Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks?

I posted in the Alliance about wanting to quit and had some wonderful encouragement from a few people. You really helped! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Then my husband encouraged me to continue which was surprising to me. We are getting very little time together and everything is falling onto his shoulders. He told me that he knew going into this it woulod take a lot of my time. I am so grateful to have his support!

So… I put on my big girl panties and here I am! I will continue one day at a time. I will navigate by my compass and keep encouraging and loving on the girl in the mirror.


6 thoughts on “Week 6-Getting Real

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  2. Master Key Alice1

    I totally understand the overwhelming feeling with all the different social media. Although this seems almost impossible I am excited to see what happens next. In this short amount of time I feel the blueprint as a foreign memory and I am so aware of my feelings. I am so glad we are in the same tribe and sharing this path with you! ❤️😊



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